Social Responsibilities of Communication Progress

The company "Communication Progress" attaches importance to the impact that its organizational activities can have on the environment in which it operates. To responsibly fulfill its community obligations, the company focuses on understanding, evaluating and improving the balance between entrepreneurship and working ethically. To positively influence this balance, the company considers four aspects:

The Community Aspect

  • Treating staff as the most important asset in the company.
  • Support in the education of the new generation.
  • Partnership with the Academy.
  • Teaching, giving lectures on specific ICT knowledge in Universities and Vocational Schools... Learn More

Environmental Aspect

  • Responsible use of energy, paper and other natural resources.

  • Management and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Involvement and support for environmental projects.

  • Active approach to the digitalization of the company's work processes and the Industries/Institutions with which it operates.

Economic Aspect

  • It ensures transparency through economic, social and environmental reports.
  • Engages in efforts for fair competition.
  • Fosters innovation through ongoing active participation in ICT issues.
  • Protects intellectual property rights.
  • Provides safe products/services of a high quality.
  • Partner for years with the American Chamber of Commerce.

Global Aspect

  • Raises stakeholders' awareness of social and environmental issues.
  • Respects human rights.
  • It is committed to reducing poverty.