Cyber Security

Being a cyber security career advocate makes you well-positioned to make people aware of the wide range of roles in the cyber security field. Cyber security is also a very good career to help promote ICT employment for women/girls. 

"Evolving employment enabled by ICT, especially Cyber Security opportunities are important because countries around the world are looking to create more good jobs, which have positive economic and social implications for workers and society."

What trainees benefit:

  • Learn and apply good safety practices.
  • Trainees will be trained to implement Attack and Defense Strategies using the best defense practices a user can provide.
  • At the end the trainee will be able to professionally practice the best ways to provide online security.
  • More connectivity.
  • More globalized skills.
  • At the end of the course, they will be provided with a nationally recognized certificate.

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Last Update 05-04-2023
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