Software Solution

 Digital Archive

  • Construction and Management of Digital Archives
  • Scanning, searching, data and document management
  • The possibility of saving documents of different types, including written documents, registers, cards, etc.
  • The possibility of recording descriptive metadata, technical, and management metadata. Technical metadata and administration metadata are automatically generated by the system.

  • The system enables indexing at the document level depending on the descriptive fields which are filled in by the users and enables fast searching.

  • The system provides communication interface for scanning devices and uploading scanned/digitized files to the system.

  • The system enables printing of search results in all forms of its display.

  • The system enables integration with MS Office, Microsoft 365, MS Outlook.

  • The system enables integration with efficient tools for antivirus scanning of documents entering the system, with the aim of continuous protection from cyber attacks.


The IMPRO MIKROFINANCE package is a system for managing the operational and financial activity of a Microfinance Institution or Savings Credit Society. This system facilitates the management of customers/members, loan and deposit portfolios, related transactions and risk in real time, in a centralized database. Through ready-made processes and forms, the Package enables the opening of a current account and a credit contract in less than 3 minutes. IMPRO enables the configuration of a set of loan products and offers, to respond to specific customer requirements, while providing support mechanisms for a portfolio as profitable as possible. The system is accessible via the web, anywhere and anytime.

The system enables: 

  • Full cycle management of loans and deposits and automatic accounting of actions.
  • Printable forms of contracts, calendars, mandates, etc.
  • Recording and storage of information at branch level and generation of branch and consolidated reports.
  • Official standard reports for reporting according to the rules to ASD and the Reporting Bank through reports exportable to csv from the IMPRO System and uploading to the ASD system, has received confirmation of the licensing of the non-governmental organizations for the use of the IMPRO system for reporting.
  • Standard reports for internal activity management, financial management and decision-making.
  • Attachment of documents in every work environment.
  • Storing historical data of different exercise years in a database, enabling flexibility and ease of data accessibility over the years.

The main modules of the system include:

  • Client Module
  • Credit Module
  • Deposit Module
  • Cash register/Bank module
  • Automatic Actions module
  • Reports module
  • Accounting Module
  • Warehouse module
  • Collection module
  • Recovery module
  • Configurations Module
  • Human Resources Module
  • AMSH management module
Modules are integrated with each other and organized in component menus according to functions and nature of actions.

IMPRO Human Resources

IMPRO HR PACKAGE is the Software solution, able to accommodate the combination and integration of standard Human Resources activities in a single system. This module enables the administration on a single platform, of all work processes, information and employees of an organization. IMPRO ERP fully adapts to the organization's requirements, simplifying operations related to staff management, indirectly helping the strategic objective to recruit and develop staff.
The Human Resources module will significantly simplify the current way of working, enabling the completion of specific data on employees, while their correct processing and the generation of calculated information will be enabled by the program itself, namely:

  • Building a single integrated system for managing all Human Resources processes.
  • Automatic calculation of payroll depending on the contract for each employee. Management of the employment contract.
  • Centralized administration of employee cards.
  • Calculation of leave, in accordance with the Labor Code, Internal Policies of the organization and their reflection in the payroll.
  • Automation of salary structure and rules such as: allowances, stops, social security, health, bonuses, etc.
  • Management of the recruitment process is also integrated with the company's official website for the publication of vacancies.
  • Management of each employee's card and organizational structure.
  • Performance evaluation and history of disciplinary measures.
  • Employee attendance tracking, integration with the Access Control system.
  • Attendance planning according to shifts.
  • Administration and control of operating expenses for each employee.
  • Training and development of employee skills.
  • Calculation of payroll according to shifts in accordance with Albanian legislation and automatic accounting.
  • Attachment of documents in any work environment.
  • Enables transitions through different environments via link.
  • Enables export to Excel, in any work environment.
  • Self-service by every employee.

HR Package Modules:

  • Employees module
  • Payroll Module
  • Permissions Module
  • The Attendance Module
  • Assessments Module
  • Recruitment Module
  • Training Module
  • Human Resources Dashboard Module

Modules are integrated with each other and organized in component menus according to functions and nature of actions.


We work closely with our clients throughout the software development cycle, from feasibility studies, system analysis and design, development, implementation, training to platform maintenance.

We guarantee that our services along the entire software cycle, fit the business plan, purpose, budget of the client and meet their expectations.
The following factors enable Communication Progress to competently offer a rich portfolio of services and solutions:

  • Level competencies (Silver&Gold) in Software Development
  • Partnership with the most popular technology vendors such as Microsoft, Hyland, Odoo
  • Deep knowledge of OpenSource organizations Platforms as a comprehensive ERP solution
  • Agile and Effective Development Methodology
  • Quality control at every step of development
  • Dedicated testing and training on platforms
  • Continuous Approach to Sustainability and Innovation

Easy solutions suitable for every level

Communication Progress has the products, partners, people and proven performance to help you automate your processes, on time and on budget. Our solutions enable the integration of work processes, information and data, in a unified software system, capable of managing any business typology.

Our software solutions are adapted to the Albanian language, as well as support a multitude of languages according to configurations

Easily integrate with active directory, from where users can log in with the same password they log in to on their computers

 Integrate easily and with high security with third party systems

They have an integrated internal chat module, where users can communicate with each other.

They have incorporated a Business Intelligence module that allows the generation of ad hoc reports, in different formats according to the subject's needs, on all data entered into the system. These reports are reflected in the form of personalized dashboards, giving the possibility of monitoring and evaluating and analyzing the situation in each sector, in real time.