Business Analyst and IMPRO ERP System Trainer

During and at the end of the course, trainees will gain knowledge in the development of information systems, testing principles, project methodologies and similar practices.

What do the trainees benefit from?

  • They will learn how operational objectives are defined through the study of business functions.
  • They will know how to evaluate the requests for implementation according to the defined formats.
  • They will gain knowledge on system improvements through the study of existing practices or the design of new functions.
  • They will be able to recommend on controls, or problems according to the writing of improvement procedures..
  • They will be able to participate in defining the requirements and needs of the project, its phases and elements, the formation of project groups and time planning..
  • They will learn to prepare technical reports by collecting, analyzing, specific cases and optimal solutions..
  • At the end of the course, they will be provided with nationally recognized certificates.

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Last Update 29-03-2023
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