IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing services at the highest quality while maintaining competitive rates, constitutes the core of our efforts in the recent years!

In their continuous strive for (1) cost reduction, (2) focus on core competence, (3) accelerated time to market and (4) fine-tuning IT into a business enhancer, our partners confide in us for the following reasons:

  • Strong expertise due to 15 years of experience and hundreds of IT projects delivered successfully.
  • Established collaboration framework and methodology for outsourcing projects.
  • Customer focused strategy guaranteeing that the customer extracts the maximum value out of the delivered services.
  • Domain knowledge stemming from the wide-range of industries and markets we cover.
  • Our human capital consisting of well-educated, multi-lingual, trained and motivated professionals.
  • 100% transparency due to flexible communication paradigms backed-up by well-documented work.

Communication Progress is currently enrolled in the international Export Programme implemented by CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries), the Agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1971).

CBI Programme areas include:

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting services are offered to any business, organization and individual and intend to advise them on how best to use information technology to meet business or non-business objectives.

As of 1998, our teams acquire invaluable know-how and shape it to any specific needs through state-of-the-art project analysis, designing, planning and often, through extended discovery activities aiming at understanding the business logic in the client’s respective field of activity.

In addition to providing advice, our IT consultants often estimate, manage, implement, deploy, and administer IT systems on 3-rd parties’ behalf (outsourcing).

Project Management, Implementation and Commissioning

Communication Progress has a lot of experiences in planning, organizing, ensuring, managing, leading, and controlling of resources to achieve specific goals and complete projects as “turn-key”.

Additionally, the company has implemented a Project Management application (integral module of IMPRO ERP), which gives to its teams a powerful tool on their hands, to increase the quality of service to the customer.

A service integrator company as of 1998, Communication Progress has deployed a wide range of Information & Communication Technology projects, including:
• Supply of equipment, infrastructure and systems (operating, business, etc.)
• Installation, testing and configuration
• Integration with existing infrastructures and information systems
• Technical documentation

The company applies quality assurance practices and international standards for projects deployment.

Data Connectivity

Communication Progress offers the service of data connectivity (LAN, WAN or combined) and dedicated lines in all urban and suburban areas of the country.

Depending on the customer needs, various bandwidth settings and level agreements are being offered. Our teams monitor these networks from the CP Monitoring Center, integrated with Customer Care Helpdesk Service, offering maintenance services 24/7/365.

Maintenance Services

Communication Progress offers warranty and after warranty support and technical maintenance services. Customers can contact the Technical Support Center of Communication Progress by:

1. Web Access

2. E-mail

3. Telephone/Fax
Office: +355 4 2413901

4. Mobile
Office: +355 664042416