Communication Progress shpk is a 15-year-experience technology solutions provider meeting and exceeding your needs and requirements. Our teams are dedicated to analyzing, designing, implementing and supporting your IT infrastructure to the point of fully unleashing its implicit and explicit potentials.
Communication Progress has built partnerships with leaders in unified communications, networking, software implementation/customization, data protection and management, virtual environments, high availability and performance, physical and logical security, monitoring, multimedia solutions, interactive and distance learning, and technological environment, therefore is able to conceive and actually build an all-embracing technology solution.

Communication Progress can be the proof that the latest technological innovations are within your reach! No matter which industry or market you operate in, our skilled engineers can assist you to smoothly move to the next generation’s infrastructure paradigms, such as virtual collaboration environments for your business or educational center, or prepare a good strategy for making you ready to join the cloud, disembarked at your working place.

Operating in Tirana, Albania, since 1998 our ambition has been to grow into a OneStopShop for all your IT needs. Our portfolio includes:

Communication and Collaboration Networking Software Applications
  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Voice Gateways
  • Voice,Conferencing and call center applications
  • Unified Communication Solutions
  • Routing and Switching Solutions
  • Structured Cabling and Wireless
  • Server & Blade Solutions
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Virtualization Solutions
  • Storage/Backup and Recovery
  • Network Security
  • Applications’ Lifecycle Management
  • Web Portals Development
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • ERP Solutions and Collaboration Software
  • Workflow, Process and Document Management
  • Cross platform Integration
  • Open Source Solutions
Physical Security E-Learning Miscellaneus
  • Video Surveillance
  • ID Credential Systems
  • Card Access
  • Visitor Management System
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Web Learning
  • E-learning content
  • Distance Learning
  • Power supply and grounding
  • Air conditioning
  • Technological building floor and ceiling
  • Infrastructure operations

Our rich portfolio gives us the capacity to fully serve businesses and organizations of any size. Equipped with extensive knowledge and special tools for various domains, we are able to assist almost all existing markets and create new ones. We can proudly say that we have been one of the first local companies to offer E-Learning solutions.

Here, at Communication Progress we do not forget the individual… That is why we do offer a collection of products oriented towards home usage and entertainment.


The vision of company is to be recognized as a regional leader in providing best of breed technology solutions. Through support for innovation and persistence on quality, we aim at consistently enabling the region’s access to the most advanced set of technologies, thus ensuring competitiveness and economic viability of the Balkan countries.

Mission Statement

Communication Progress mission is to bring world class solution to the small businesses, large enterprises, private/public organizations and service providers, enabling them to:

  • Be the integral part of the world’s global value chain
  • Increase their visibility and recognition as worldwide players
  • Become full-fledged members of the European Union
  • Increase the competitiveness of local industries
  • Achieve higher rate of GDP growth
  • Accelerate the progress towards a more democratic and open society
  • Establish efficient and transparent standards of governance

Communication Progress mission is to offer innovative, practical, top quality products and services that improve the way people connect, use communication networks and meet the needs of the XXI century networking environment.

Customer Sovereignty

Our customers are the most valuable asset of our business. Our most persistent a attempt goes to anticipate their needs and try to meet and surpass their expectations.

Passion for Perfection

We try hard to attain individual and team excellence through a spirit of continuous learning, ongoing collaboration, smooth communication and commitment to high levels of quality.

Continuous Innovation

Innovation is not just technological. We continuously try new ways to enhance our internal way of working, re-engineer our processes and mindsets and encourage individual creativity and improvisation in all our actions.

People Orientation

Our first responsibility is to increase the number of people who benefit from our products and services. This is how we contribute to the quality of life in our community and provide ProBono Services to the ones who need them the most but cannot afford them.

Transparency and Integrity

The culture of mutual trust and respectable ethics is our only culture in every relationship we establish.

Social Responsibility

We recognize, respect and add value to the social environment we operate in.

Communication Progress has high standards for adopting new employees. We are continuously looking for highly motivated professionals and talented individuals who excel in their areas of expertise. We do offer superior training in the broad arrays of technologies that we support. We do recognize individual accomplishment and team success, offering excellent rewards and growth opportunities.

Current Job Opening: Analyst/Programmer

Communication Progress is currently seeking an Analyst Programmer, who will develop and customize systems solutions to meet business needs. Working with project managers, senior engineers, designers and others the applicant will have the chance to use his/her skills and creativity in a dynamic environment.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities Essential Skills Desirable Skills
  • Review,analyze and modify existing programming systems so that they can serve better client requirements
  • Design and code new modules to be integrated into current systems
  • Implement quality software, using good object design and patterns, and automated test procedures
  • Provide work estimates to project technical leads
  • Produce documentation at each phase of the software development project
  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Business Informatics or any other similar degree
  • Previous work experience
  • Sound knowledge and programming skills in Java or C#
  • Web Programming skills (PHP,HTML,CSS,JavaScript/jQuery)
  • Strong analytical and Problem solving skills
  • Ability to work in collaborative entironments and meet deadlines
  • Programming in Python language
  • Exposure to ERP systems such as SAP,Oracle,PeopleSoft or any other ERP system
  • Knowledge of J2EE

Send your CV to and get immediate attention.

Company’s Certificate
Staff Qualification
  • Alcatel Certified System Expert (ACSE omni PCX office R2.X.)
  • Microsoft Sharepoint, Application Development
  • Microsoft Project, Managing Projects
  • Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Planning, Deploying and Managing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007
  • Oracle Advanced Development Framework 11g / Oracle WebLogic Server 11g
  • Quality Management Systems and Internal Audits
  • Senior installation engineer for SI2000 V5, narrowband, solutions
  • Senior commissioning engineer for SI2000V5, narrowband solutions
  • OXO system expert voice R2.1 ( Alcatel University Vienna)
  • S12 Operation and maintenance – Alcatel Training Centre Battipaglia.
  • Alcatel Qulified field professional (AQFP omni PCX office R2.X)
  • OAM Specialist for SI2000 LS 5062 – Local Node.
  • OXO System Expert internet R.21
  • Database Management System
  • Alcatel Certified System Expert (ACSE Omni PCX office R5.X)
  • Advanced Operation administrator and maintenance of SI 2000 V5 ( Cs- Central node)
  • SI2000 LS5071 Operation and Maintenance
  • SI2000 Delta Training V5 CS/LS- VOIP protocol interface, SI 2000 Delta Training V5 CS/LS – ( BAN ) DSLAM
  • OpenERP Developer Training
  • Managing IT Projects
  • 7450/7750- Core/ Edge Routers
  • Saft – D.C. Power Supply
  • Alcatel – Lucent Certified System Expert (ACSE Alcatel – Lucent Office Comunication Solutions for SMBs, 2009)
  • Alcatel – Lucent Certified Sales Representative. (ACSR Alcatel – Lucent Office Communication Solutions for SMEs, 2007)
  • General administration, operation and maintenance of radio and Telecommunication Systems
  • CFM, CFQ, & CFIP Operations & Maintenance
  • Senior Engineer for SI3000 WIMAX Access Sytem
  • Alcatel-Lucent Certified System Expert ( ACSE Alcatel – Lucent Office Communication Solutions for SMBs, 2009)
  • Alcatel–Lucent Certified Field Expert ( ACFE Alcatel – Lucent Office Communication Solutions for SMBs, 2009)
  • Alcatel-Lucent 9500 MPR Operation and Maintenance during the period CFM, CFQ & CFIP Operations & Maintenance ( Course 15- 16 September 2009) Starter Express ENTPTE101EN
  • SI2000 Delta Training V5 CS/LS – VoIP protocol interface SI2000 Delta Training V5 CS/ LS – (BAN) DSLAM
  • The world of internet – TCP /IP Protocol Suite, Quality of Service
  • 1540 LITESPAN – Access GW